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From the desk of the Old Wizard, ruler of the Wizards​:man_mage::mage: at GRIDNET OS (…)

Dear Valued Followers (…)

We have, I have… important news to share. The speculation you may have heard regarding the integration of GRIDNET OS with crypto exchanges is not only accurate, but a reality we’re delighted to confirm. The integration process is scheduled to begin by the end of September 2023. We have already discussed the integration precarities with exchanges and Integration API was born.

We’re now offering a pre-exchange opportunity.

In an initiative to bolster the distribution of our tokens before our listing on prominent exchanges, we’re offering a limited amount of GRIDNET Coin (GNC) tokens for sale. Specifically, we’re aiming to sell up to 300,000 USDT worth of GNC tokens in this pre-market phase. That’s all that is going to be sold before the coin enters the markets. All selling channels included.

Our vision is to establish a strong footing for GNC from the very outset. As such, when the token enters the exchanges, the initial market price will be set at 0.3 USDT per GNC. However, as an expression of gratitude for your continued support, we’re offering you the chance to purchase GNC tokens at the advantageous rate of 0.2 USDT per GNC. Please follow our updates and communications only via our official Twitter account and Telegram @BD_GRIDNET. When it comes to vesting of assets from the ICOFund domain - that account will include assets worth ~200M USDT when assessed at the price point of 0.3USDT yet be assured that the system intrinsic algorithm guarded by consensus will allow for spending of coins from this vert account in vert limited fractions over the period of 10 years. Thus on day one our initial vesting power will be around 5K USDT worth of tokens per day.

Our ambitious project has been funded internally since its inception in 2017. We’re proud to announce that we have elected to bypass the traditional IEO stage entirely, opting instead for direct integration with several of the leading crypto exchanges. We believe this unconventional route truly reflects the innovative spirit of our venture. It is worthwhile to note that these exchanges (Bitforex, Coinsbit, Bitfinex, Coinstore, MEXC and others) are NOT to receive payments in cryptocurrency which is to minimize selling pressure as our token enters the markets.

Now, we’re providing you an exclusive opportunity to share in our vision for the future of #web3, #blockchain, and #fintech. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Decide on the amount you wish to acquire. We have no minimum limit - you can buy as low as 1 USDT if you choose.
  2. Transfer the amount to the specified USDT address. Note, this transaction must be made over the Tron network to ensure minimal processing time and cost. Transactions over the Ethereum network cannot be processed in this instance.
  3. Upon receipt of your transferred funds, we will deliver the corresponding GNC tokens to your designated address on the same day.

This pre-market opportunity offers you the chance to secure GNC tokens at a lower cost basis, potentially setting the stage for significant returns.

Thank you for your interest and continued support. We look forward to shaping the future of decentralized systems together.

Forever Yours,
The Old Wizard

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