Allow for user-customizable entries within the Browser

I think we could and maybe even should add a functionality allowing for addition and removal of entries within the ‘hot-links’ sidebar.

@PauliX @CodesInChaos ?

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Heard ya; I’m already on it.

Ok! I’ve added a dedicated button to the UI of the Browser UI dApp.

@Monte handed me an icon, which integrated nicely with the existing ones.

If you want the current website (meaning a domain) to be added to your favourites, simply tap onto the hearty icon.

If the current website is not marked as favourite the heart icon would be little bit dimmed.

The Browser UI dApp would remember your favourite website across user-sessions (for this the Browser UI dApp employs the Settings API).

Now the interesting part.

The icons of the endorsed websites, these are generated dynamically.

In fact there are two possible scenarios:

First, the Browser UI dApp attempts to fetch the ‘favicon.ico’ from the target web-server. Of course onion-routed through the reverse cors-proxy. If it succeeds, the icon is added to the sidebar. It is always ensured that the icon is made rounded to all icons are in same style.

Second, if there is no ‘favicon’ associated at the the target web-server, the Browser UI dApp generates in icon on its own. The icon would the the first letter, capitalized, of the target web-domain.


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Kindly thank you for your contribution @PauliX.

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