A random Interloper appeared

Hello Wizards & Apprentices.
I am Interloper, a lawyer who is way too much into SciFi, space, tech and decentralization. I’ve worked with a few crypto ventures since 2020 and none of it seemed revolutionary without a decentralized OS. Over time I researched a lot about economics and various protocols and developed a theory/philosophy of the components needed for a P2P cryptoeconomy. I thought it was impossible until I came across Gridnet and I am in awe!

An OS I can take anywhere with data exchange and mesh networking is everything I’ve been looking for. I love a few things, hate some things and just want to contribute to this movement.

I am the idiot user you’ve been building this for! I hope my weird, way too out-there ideas will help Gridnet become a household name!

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Hey mate, glad to see you here! If needed, feel free to look up https://test.gridnet.org/s/Alpacalypse to set up your friendly ID within Gridnet OS. Website is a bit crude because I suck at HTML, but it gets a job done. Send me a msg if you need any help regarding the setup.


Hey! Definitely glad to see you over here.

While most of us are very technical (devs/scientists) few of us are ex-scientists and ex-devs who are more into philosophy now than doing the actual heavy lifting. That would probably include @TheOldWizard and @Major (correct me if I’m wrong).

Well, we’ve been moving in a direction which I supposed could be loosely described as a sort-of-a utopian cyberpunk movement in which above everything - the information shalt be free.

So each of us brings along and implements building blocks to make the above a reality.

So we are after crypto-incentivized P2P/mesh data-exchange that would be of military class in any kind of dystopian realities. These realities might be not so far away considering Putin might be thinking of making us surf atomic-waves any moment.

Utopian scenarios aside the technology we create allows for a freedom. At least that’s what we like to believe.

So P2P crypto-incentivized content delivery networks, decentralized YouTube, Twitter-like services (…) but then also decentralized power grid … yeah… we like to think Big.


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While out of pure politeness I shall not speak of the former, let me speak for myself.

yeah… try calling me next time you have some low-level issue with #GridScript, security or whatever. Over and out.

No, seriously though - I believe we are passionate about what we do. Aren’t we fellas?

Lots has changed since Pharaohs ruled the Earth. Or, has it (not) ?

I say, we’ve got unprecedented technological possibilities just waiting for the Humanity to be tapped into and to benefit from.

Personally, I do believe that a social revolution of an unprecedented, never seen before scale is upon us.

Those in power do not like to admit, but we need banks no more.

Then, some of us know we do not need Twitter, Facebook and Google - services controlled by NSA.

Not anymore.

We can manage perfectly fine on our own.

We, Wizards, we are afraid of nothing.

We keep and we are to continue pushing on.

Forward each and every f*** day.

Until not a single, another crazy m**** f**** even comes close to think he (or she) could be making anyone, Gaia forbid, us - ride atomic waves.

I might sell my yacht to help out, if need to be, but we are not to stop. Never.


I tried but it is not idiot-friendly. Needs to be made so simple that even a grandma could do it. Let’s build for mass-adoption and not experiments for experts!

I am so aligned with that vision of mesh networking and data exchange. No more monopolies and middlemen corporations that add no value. I might differ in some aspect of how we should deal with sovereign states.

Yea, my setup was made back when it was only possible via SSH. Gotta build some simple GUI for friendly ID setup. But first, gotta learn JS :wink: