Network Situation and What's on the Way

Community Update

Dear community members,

We hope this message finds you well. We’ve got some important updates for you regarding the ongoing developments in our network.

  1. Hard Fork Alert: As some of you may have heard, we’re on the brink of a major hard fork, the biggest one our network has ever faced, given the surge in miners that have recently joined us. We’re working diligently to ensure a smooth transition, and vital information regarding this will be shared in the #network channel. We strongly advise all Operators to remain vigilant and stay updated with our official communications.

  2. Safety First: In our relentless pursuit to fortify our network, we have already put into place proactive measures designed to bolster our defenses against malicious activities. We’re not just preparing for challenges, we’re staying ahead of them. So, rest assured, we’re geared up, yet again!

  3. Upcoming Functionalities: Our team’s current focus is on rigorous testing and evaluation of new feature sets that we’re incredibly excited about. These will greatly enhance accountability and provide sharper tracking capabilities for transaction states. Detailed insights will soon be available in the Upcoming Release notes.

Lastly, a heartfelt reminder: Our journey has seen sunlit days and stormy nights, and as we approach these stormy clouds of a hard fork, it’s imperative that we move forward hand in hand. Together, we’ve faced challenges and together, we’ll weather this storm and any others that come our way. Our shared vision of a decentralized future is not just a possibility, but a reality in the making. So, let’s continue to steer our ship with unity and determination, towards brighter horizons.

Stay safe, stay united, and let’s make history together!

Warm regards,

:rotating_light: Urgent Advisory for GRIDNET OS Operators :rotating_light:

Dear Operators,

In light of the ongoing targeted attacks against our network, it’s of paramount importance that we take immediate measures to safeguard the integrity of our system and maintain the user experience we pride ourselves on.

Until the next GRIDNET Core Release, please be vigilant and follow this protocol:
:small_blue_diamond: Reboot your node approximately every 2 hours.

This action is crucial to ensure that transactions continue to be processed efficiently and effectively. While we work tirelessly behind the scenes to address these challenges, this interim measure will help guarantee that our users enjoy a seamless experience on the platform.

Our community’s resilience and dedication are what sets us apart. By taking this proactive approach, we stand united against any adversarial actions. Together, we not only maintain our network’s robustness but also send a clear message that we will not be deterred.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and commitment to the GRIDNET OS vision. Together, we’ll rise above these challenges and continue to pioneer the decentralized future.

Stay strong and vigilant!

Warm regards,


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Status Update on GRIDNET OS’ Network Functionality

We are delighted to provide an update regarding the status of the GRIDNET OS network to our esteemed investors, dedicated Operators, and valued end-users.

1. Restoration of System Liveness:
We are thrilled to announce that the Liveness property of our decentralized system has been fully restored. This signifies that our system is primed and ready to handle your orders. Trading, which had been temporarily halted, can now seamlessly resume.

2. Updates for Operators:
We acknowledge the sheer volume of recent updates. With a commitment to ensuring the highest level of network efficiency and security, we’ve decided to roll out the next update to our software not before Tuesday. This decision is in alignment with the recommendations from our Security Department, emphasizing the need for an in-depth evaluation of the recent enhancements. Expect comprehensive details concerning the imminent Global Hard Fork in the coming days, along with pertinent Release Notes.

3. Our Ongoing Commitment to Excellence:
It’s worth noting that our primary focus in recent times has been to enhance the system’s resilience, fortifying it against potential vulnerabilities and threats. This has, at times, necessitated our diverting resources from other functionalities. However, we remain committed to delivering a holistic, high-performing, and secure platform. Thanks to the latest updates, users can anticipate an unparalleled trading and overall end-user experience.

In conclusion, we express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their unwavering trust and patience during these evolving times. GRIDNET OS is on a continuous trajectory of growth and improvement, and together, we are building a decentralized future that’s secure, efficient, and reliable.

Warm regards,


GRIDNET OS Network Status Update

To our esteemed community, operators, and stakeholders,

We are pleased to update you regarding the current operational state of the GRIDNET OS’s underlying decentralized state machine.

During the night, we are delighted to report that the network remained consistently operational and maintained its expected performance. A vital contribution to this was the result of insightful discussions we’ve had with our dedicated community members. In light of these conversations, we deployed a crucial hot-fix to the ‘official’ nodes at approximately 11 PM CET.

Hot-fix Objective and Context

This hot-fix was specifically designed to counteract a potential vulnerability. Without diving too deep into technical jargon, in essence, this vulnerability would have permitted an attacker with significant computational resources to assume a “leader” position in the network by winning the proof-of-work race. Once in this role, the attacker could essentially halt the processing of all transactions within the network.

The mechanics behind this possible exploit revolved around running an older version of GRIDNET Core, which would act as a sort of Trojan Horse, indirectly impacting the system.

Clarifying the Technicalities

For clarity, when our network processes any ‘entity’ (like a transaction), it results in a specific kind of ‘Perspective’. This ‘Perspective’ is our term for the root hash of the global Merkle-Patricia Trie, where various sub-states of the entire system are retained.

The most recent release of GRIDNET Core had introduced alterations in how transactions are processed, causing divergent ‘Perspectives’ compared to the older version. This discrepancy would result in blocks produced by the outdated GRIDNET Core not being recognized or accepted by the newer version, essentially due to the difference in processing results.

However, the crux of the problem was that the older version still processed key-blocks (blocks containing PoW) in the same manner as the new. This allowed a potential attacker to dominate the proof-of-work race, producing blocks accepted by the newer version, but being unable to validate ‘transactions’ because of the differing processing results.

From a security perspective, this could be categorized as a ‘data withholding attack’. This is pertinent to any proof-of-work based decentralized system wherein nodes could withhold data for their advantage, thereby hampering the system’s Liveness property.


We would like to extend our profound gratitude to our community for igniting this critical discussion. Special recognition goes to ‘Daddy’ for bringing to our attention that mining was still achievable on his end.

Throughout the night, the network’s performance was exemplary. Transactions are processed rapidly, typically within ~15 seconds. Despite continuous attempts by ‘attackers’ mining on alternative event histories, the genuine versions of GRIDNET Core remain unwavering and resilient against such data.

Rest assured, with the ongoing support and vigilance of our community, GRIDNET OS continues to reinforce its foundations, ensuring a reliable, swift, and secure network for all.

Warm regards,


Announcement: GRIDNET Core 1.4.1 Update

Dear GRIDNET Community,

We’re thrilled to announce that GRIDNET Core 1.4.1 has triumphantly passed its rigorous testing phase. With our Operators currently unable to produce new blocks, the software has been pushed to its limits in a high-demand processing mode, showcasing its resilience and robustness.

As we pave the way for a more refined GRIDNET experience, GRIDNET Core is now entering its final stability test mode. If all goes as planned, we expect to make the software available to our Operators and the wider community within the next 24 hours.

Mark your calendars! The Release and the Global Hard Fork are on schedule for tomorrow at 14:00 GMT. As always, we aim to provide you with all the essential information in a timely manner. Stay tuned for the Release Notes, which will be made available shortly.

Operators, get ready to rev up your GPUs and prepare for a new chapter in GRIDNET’s journey!

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication. Together, we continue to shape the future of decentralized systems.

Warm regards,


Announcement: GRIDNET Core 1.4.1 Update

Dear GRIDNET Community,

We are pleased to inform you that our LIVE testing of the GRIDNET Core release candidate has successfully surpassed the halfway mark. With 12 hours already behind us, we are inching closer to completing the full 24 hours required by our testing department. Given the smooth progression, we are optimistic and confident that the global hard fork will proceed as scheduled, taking place tomorrow at 14:00 GMT.

You can anticipate the release of GRIDNET Core 1.4.1, accompanied by detailed Release Notes, to be available by the designated time.

For all our newcomers and those eager to dive into the world of GRIDNET OS, we have prepared a comprehensive introductory tutorial on how to commence your journey as a GRIDNET OS’ Operator. Find all the essentials here:
GRIDNET OS Operator’s Brief Introduction

Let us remember and acknowledge the backbone of our venture: the Operators. These individuals don’t just operate; they breathe life into GRIDNET OS, making the dream of the world’s first decentralized operating system a tangible reality. They provide invaluable services to end-users and take pride in pushing the boundaries of freedom and decentralization every single day.

For any inquiries, doubts, or curiosities, please remember that our team is here, ever-ready and eager to assist you. Together, as we approach this new milestone, we reaffirm our shared vision and commitment to a decentralized future.

Warm regards,