Join our Society and Let's Party Together!

:tada: Join the Wizardly Party - A Celebration of Decentralization and Innovation! :tada:

As the GRIDNET universe embarks on a groundbreaking journey with the release of version 1.5.1, we’re not just introducing technological enhancements; we’re celebrating a pivotal moment in our journey towards a decentralized future. The Wizardly Party, lasting for approximately 24 hours, isn’t just a hard fork; it’s a festival of innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled profitability for those ready to mine and contribute to the network.

Why the Wizardly Party is a Must-Attend:

  • Exceptional Mining Profitability: For a limited time during the Wizardly Party, the difficulty of mining will be adjusted to offer exceptional profitability. It’s a rare opportunity to contribute to the network while reaping the rewards of your dedication and support.

  • Join the Happy Wizardly Fam on Discord: Our community is the heartbeat of GRIDNET. Join us on Discord to get all the latest news, engage with fellow wizards, and become part of a vibrant community that’s shaping the future of decentralization. Our LIVE Development streams, complete with insightful commentary on the LIVE-DEVELOPMENT Discord channel, offer a behind-the-scenes look at the magic being woven into the GRIDNET OS.

  • Ascend the Ranks of Official Operators: The GRIDNET ecosystem is upheld by its Operators, the guardians of the network. We recognize and reward your contributions with three distinct Operator Tiers (1, 2, and 3). The more you contribute to the community and the network, the higher your rank, unlocking better perks and opportunities to influence the direction of GRIDNET.

How to Join the Movement:

  • Dive into Mining: Utilize version 1.5.1 to its fullest during the Wizardly Party and maximize your mining profitability. It’s a perfect time to bolster the network while gaining substantial rewards.

  • Engage on Discord: Our Discord server is where the magic happens. From real-time updates to in-depth discussions on development and strategy, it’s the place to be for anyone invested in the future of GRIDNET. Join our Discord community now and don’t miss out on the live action.

  • Become an Official Operator: If you’re passionate about decentralization and eager to play a more significant role in the GRIDNET ecosystem, applying to become an Official Operator is your next step. With various tiers and perks available, your journey as a cornerstone of our community starts here. Share your knowledge, contribute to the network’s growth, and ascend through the ranks of Official Operators.

The Wizardly Party is more than just an event; it’s a testament to our collective journey towards decentralization, freedom, and innovation. As we celebrate this monumental hard fork, we invite every enthusiast, developer, and visionary to join us. Together, we’re not just witnessing history; we’re making it.

Make sure to update to GRIDNET Core version 1.5.1, join the festivities, and let’s stride towards the glory of decentralization TOGETHER. The future is bright, and it’s being written by us, the Wizards of the GRIDNET universe.

Together, We Rise. Together, We Decentralize. Welcome to the Wizardly Party! :tophat::sparkles:

Guidelines for Operators During a Hard Fork

Dear Operators,

As we approach a significant milestone in the evolution of GRIDNET OS with an upcoming Hard Fork, we wish to ensure a seamless transition for all Operators. Below are the detailed guidelines to guide you through the Hard Fork process.

Before the Hard Fork:

  • Stay Informed: Keep a close eye on announcements from Wizards - Guardians of the Protocol. They are your primary and trusted source of information regarding the Hard Fork.
  • Continue Operations: Maintain your mining and operational activities as normal. There’s no need to alter your current activities until the Hard Fork Point is officially announced.

Once Hard Fork Point is Announced:

  • Cease All Operations: Immediately stop all mining activities. Turn off or disable GRIDNET Core to ensure your node does not mine blocks that the network will not accept post-Hard Fork. Failure to do so may result in your node being automatically banned by Tier 0 nodes.
  • Await Instructions: Do not take further actions until the release of the new GRIDNET Core version is officially announced.

After the Hard Fork Point:

  • Download the New Version: Follow the link provided by the Wizards to download the latest version of GRIDNET Core, once it is made available to you.
  • Installation Process:
    1. Download the new version.
    2. Extract the files if necessary.
    3. It’s not required to uninstall the previous version.
    4. Run the installer to update your system with the new GRIDNET Core.
    5. Launch GRIDNET Core.
    6. Let the system autonomously handle the process. Your interaction should not be necessary.


  • Resynchronization: The hard fork typically involves a full resynchronization of your local state machine starting from the Genesis Block. This process is expected to take approximately 3 hours. The process would initiate autonomously. No intervention on the side of an Operator is required.
  • Monitoring: Keep an eye on the progress. It may be necessary to restart GRIDNET Core if you notice it becomes stuck or significantly slows down.
  • Sync Terminal: if you are interacting with the System through the local Operator’s Terminal and see stale data (empty or unknown account etc.), you may need to execute the sync command to ensure your terminal is synchronised with the current state of the network.


We understand that a Hard Fork is a substantial network event. Our team is fully committed to assisting you throughout this process. Should you have any questions or require support, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Following these guidelines will ensure a smooth transition through the Hard Fork for all parties involved. Your cooperation and adherence to these instructions are highly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support and contribution to the GRIDNET OS project. Together, we are building a more robust, secure, and innovative decentralized operating system.

Warm Regards,