GRIDNET OS' Tokenomics Revised

Tokenomics Overview for Investors

Welcome to our tokenomics overview, designed to provide a detailed and transparent explanation of how our token operates and its associated economic model. Below you’ll find comprehensive insights into our token’s release schedule, allocation, vesting periods, and more.

1. Total Supply and Initial Market Cap:
Our initial market capitalization stands at 5,714,049 tokens. This forms the foundation from which our token’s supply will grow over time due to the contributions from both mining operations and ICOFund distributions.

2. Mining Release:
Every month, 388,800 new tokens are released as mining rewards. The average Key-Block time is targeted at 10 minutes and each Key Block grants 90 GNC (minus a small miner’s tax). These rewards serve as an incentive for miners who play a crucial role in validating and securing our network. Over the years, this regular monthly infusion will contribute significantly to our circulating supply.

3. ICOFund Vesting Mechanism:
One of our most unique attributes is the ICOFund vesting mechanism. Our ICOFund began with a balance of 946,285,951 tokens. These tokens will be released over a 40-year period, with strategic spikes every 5 years to stimulate market interest and reward long-term token holders.

The figures delineated below signify the Expenditure Velocity.

Consequently, these proportions do not culminate in a complete 100% aggregation. Termination of the algorithmic process is programmed upon the attainment of the terminal month and the exhaustion of the principal capital in the ICOFund domain. This autonomous algorithm perpetually monitors and records the allocation of financial instruments emanating from the ICOFund’s ledger (account).

  • First 5 years (1-60 months):
    Tokens are released at a rate of approximately 0.05284% of the remaining ICOFund balance each month, marking a significant initial phase to stimulate early growth and engagement.
  • 6-10 years (61-120 months):
    A noticeable increase in release rate occurs, with 0.08% of the remaining ICOFund balance being distributed every month, supporting sustained network growth and participation.
  • 11-15 years (121-180 months):
    The vesting rate further increases to 0.18% of the remaining ICOFund balance, continuing to reward and incentivize network participation and security.
  • 16-20 years (181-240 months):
    Vesting enters another heightened phase, with 0.27% of the remaining ICOFund balance distributed monthly, aligning with strategic growth phases and network needs.
  • 21-25 years (241-300 months):
    The release rate spikes to 0.49% of the remaining ICOFund balance, one of the most substantial distribution phases, aimed at further incentivizing long-term commitment and growth.
  • 26-30 years (301-360 months):
    Vesting continues at an elevated rate of 0.9% of the remaining ICOFund balance, ensuring robust network participation and security.
  • 31-35 years (361-420 months):
    In this phase, a release of 0.03% of the remaining ICOFund balance occurs monthly, preparing the network for a full distribution of ICOFund tokens.
  • 36-40 years (421-480 months):
    The final period adjusts the vesting rate dynamically. If there are remaining months within this timeframe, tokens are released at a rate derived from dividing the remaining ICOFund balance by the remaining months. This ensures that all ICOFund tokens are strategically introduced into circulation by the end of the 40-year period, aligning with the long-term sustainability and economic stability of the network.

4. Inflation Management and Assurance:
It’s natural for investors to be concerned about inflation, especially when the token supply increases over time due to factors like mining and ICOFund vesting. However, it’s paramount to know that our tokenomics are intricately designed to ensure that inflation is always kept within manageable boundaries. The inflation rate, which is computed monthly, indicates the percentage increase in total supply, but it’s not just a mere statistic—it’s a testament to our commitment.

Investors should be comforted in knowing that a significant portion of the inflation is driven by rewarding the very individuals who secure and validate our network: the miners. This mechanism ensures that power is genuinely decentralized and placed directly into the hands of the community.

Furthermore, the vesting rules for the ICOFund are not dictated by a single entity but are governed by a decentralized consensus, guaranteeing that no centralized force can alter the agreed-upon release schedules arbitrarily. We’ve placed the trust in code and the collective consensus of a decentralized network of nodes.

To amplify our commitment to transparency and assurance, we provide tools for everyone to monitor the market capitalization in real-time. This empowers investors to keep a vigilant eye on every single token release from the ICOFund, as well as the rewards given to miners. With such tools at your disposal, you’re not just an investor but an integral part of our network’s oversight and assurance system.

5. Token Distribution Visualization:
For investors who are visual learners, we’ve integrated interactive charts within our platform. These charts track:

  • Monthly Inflation Rate: Showcasing how inflation fluctuates over time.
  • Total Market Capitalization: A comprehensive look at how miner and ICOFund contributions impact the total supply.
  • Yearly Inflation Rate: This aggregates monthly inflation to provide an annual overview, which is crucial for long-term investors.

6. Long-Term Vision:
We’ve structured our tokenomics not for short-term gains, but for longevity and sustainability. Our 40-year ICOFund vesting schedule, combined with our consistent mining releases, aims to provide a stable and predictable growth pattern. The strategically placed spikes in ICOFund releases are designed to invigorate the market and reward long-standing members of our community.

Our tokenomics has been meticulously designed to provide a balanced ecosystem for all participants. We believe that transparency, predictability, and a vision for the long term are vital for fostering trust and ensuring the success of our project. We invite our investors to join us on this exciting journey, confident in the knowledge of how our economic model functions and the value it aims to create.

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed investors, thank you for taking the time to understand the tokenomics behind GRIDNET. We genuinely believe that the foundation of a successful project is a solid and well-thought-out financial structure. Today, I’d like to walk you through our unique tokenomics and elucidate why it stands as a beacon of stability and innovation in the crypto realm.

Firstly, let’s address the ICOFund domain vesting structure. Yes, the quantity of assets vested is significant, but it’s the design and pacing of their distribution that’s the real game-changer. Our tokenomics spreads these assets meticulously over an expansive 40-year horizon. To put this in perspective, several renowned projects have opted for much more aggressive vesting schemes, all the while delivering only a fraction of the technological advancements we bring to the table. In the unpredictable waters of the crypto world, our vesting approach stands as a lighthouse, illuminating the path of sustainable growth and long-term viability.

We’ve further refined this approach with an innovative spin. Every 5 years, our vesting rules are structured to drive significant liquidity inflows to the GRIDNET Foundation. This not only provides consistent financial fuel for our project’s ambitions but also ensures that we can adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and financial markets.

But here’s the linchpin: our commitment is first and foremost to our community. We firmly believe in the age-old adage, “By the people, for the people.” It’s the Operators, the unsung heroes, who are at the heart of our ecosystem. They are the backbone, the tireless workers behind the scenes who make the magic happen. Our tokenomics is expressly designed to benefit them the most. It’s not just about figures and percentages; it’s about building a system that intrinsically belongs to its community.

To summarize - our unique vesting structure is not just a financial decision; it’s a testament to our unwavering faith in our community and our esteemed Operators. With GRIDNET, we’re not just building a platform; we’re weaving together a robust community-driven ecosystem. We invite you to be a part of this journey, a journey that redefines the paradigms of cryptocurrency and community engagement.

Thank you.

Please find the Tokenomics simulation (in Excel) attached below:
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